GoFormative Signup and Login: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Formative, which is also called GoFormative, is a web-based tool that lets teachers make digital formative assessments, tasks, or projects that can be easily accessed from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Teachers can use the website to create their own tasks or share documents or PDFs that already have questions in them. Also, the program’s marking and analysis tools make it easy to see how students answered questions and which ones were hard for them to answer. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to Goformative login and sign up and what thing teachers know about this application.

How to do a Goformative signup?

Goformative join for a teacher

  1. Go to the website for GoFormative.
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Set your account type to “Teacher.”
  4. Add username, email account, and password.
  5. Then click on the signup button.
  6. Once you’ve made an account, you will go to the dashboard, where you can start making your first formative review.
  7. To make an assessment, hit the “New Formative” button and choose the type of assessment you want to make. (e.g. quiz, exit ticket, worksheet, etc.).
  8. Follow the instructions to make your test, such as adding questions, giving them points, and setting a due date.
  9. Once you’ve made your test, you can give it to your students by sending them a link or asking them to join your Formative class.
  10. Once your students have joined your Formative class, they can take your tests and you can see their answers right away.

Goformative Join for student

Students can GoFormative sign up by joining a class that their teacher has already set up. Students will need a class code or a link from their teacher to join a class.

  1. Go to the Formative website and click on “Join a Class” once you have the class code or join link.
  2. Type in the class code or link that your teacher gave you.
  3. Create your account by entering your name and email address.
  4. Click “Join” to join the class and get to any initial tests that your teacher has given you.
  5. Once you’ve joined the class, you’ll be able to view and complete online any formative assessments your teacher gives you.

If you want to use the tool as a student, you’ll need a teacher or instructor who is also using this application.

How to do goformative login?

Here are the steps you need GoFormative login:

  1. Go to the formative website
  2. Click the “Login” button.
  3. Add your GoFormative email address and password.
  4. You can also use your Google account to sign in by clicking the “Sign in with Google” button.
  5. Click goformative Login button to get to the homepage.

What do goformative teachers need to do?

Formative teachers need to use the GoFormative app to make and give formative tests to their students. Most teachers take these steps to do this:

  • Sign up GoFormative account.
  • Make a new formative exam by choosing the type (quiz, exit ticket, worksheet, etc.) and adding questions.
  • Give the formative assessment to their peers by sending them a link to the assessment or asking them to join their class on Formative.
  • Keep an eye on how students are doing as they complete the test and give them feedback as required.
  • Use the information gathered from preliminary tests to change the way they teach and better meet the needs of their students.

Formative teachers can use GoFormative to create and give tests, but they can also use it to find and use tests made by other teachers, work with colleagues to make tests, and find tools for professional development related to formative assessment practices.

What do goforamative teachers need to know?

Teachers need to know a lot about how to assess students and how to use the GoFormative tool to make and give formative tests. In particular, teachers of formative grades should know:

  1. What formative assessment is and how it is different from summative evaluation?
  2. What teachers and students can get out of formative testing?
  3. How to make effective formative tests that are in line with learning goals and give students useful feedback.
  4. How to use this application to make formative exams and give them, including how to make different kinds of questions and track student progress in real-time.
  5. How to use the information they get from early tests to help them teach and change their methods so they can better meet the needs of their students.
  6. How to use this application to find and use assessments made by other teachers, work with colleagues to make assessments, and find professional development tools related to formative assessment practices.


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