The role of education in modern society

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The role of education in modern society


Education is a process to learn something to attain specific command over a particular subject. But the question arises in mind How is education important? And what is the role of education in modern society?

The history of education can be traced back thousands of years ago when humans first came into being they use to interact with each other through different languages and pass these traits to their newborns to make them able to survive. e.g., archery, language skills & hunting skills, etc.

First Education System was introduced in the Xia dynasty in 2076-1600 B.C in this era government-built schools to educate children to learn rituals, literature, and archery. Morocco holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest existing degree awarding Institute.

Types of Education

Commonly education is subcategorized into two different types

  • Formal Education.
  • Informal Education

Formal Education

The system of education is adopted by the government. It follows a hierarchical system of schooling under a specific governing body or institution. It is bound to some specific rules and regulations. The judgment of students’ progress concerning their ages is done using the class system.

Informal Education

The system of education is not institutionalized by any governing body. It is unorganized like we learn from our environment just like a baby starts learning to walk and talk.

Importance of Education in daily life

Education plays a vital role in our day-to-day life routines.

It broadens our vision towards life and adds value to our life. It helps us sharpen our skills

In different spheres of life.

Education is an asset that cannot be stolen nor be robbed like other assets.

Impact on Social Life & business

An educated person is always respected in our society and people always prefer an educated person in terms of employment or business opportunities. Because an educated person has more exposure to business terms and tactics and he can learn further to bring positive change with a futuristic approach. He can implement new business ideas to grow the business faster.

It’s education that has turned the world into a global online market. Every social media possesses a marketplace to buy and sell products. Means of Marketing have been changed and nowadays social media marketing agencies are earning a handsome amount of money through digital marketing.


Education in Communication

Firstly, we cannot communicate with anyone if we don’t know how to talk and its education of language which makes us able to understand, read and write to convey our point of view. Whether it’s a business meeting or a public debate we need the education to communicate. Hence the role of education is the backbone of everything whether it’s science, language, etc.

We cannot do anything without education. Without education life becomes miserable.

We can comprehend different tasks by reading them out and doing critical analysis.

Education has given us many inventions which have made life easier nowadays.

Imagine a day “without an education would be like a day without a sun

Education in the modern world

The world is changing so fast and so about the means of education nowadays we are enjoying facilities of modern education which were not present a couple of decades ago, so we have a great chance to change our fate. In the present era, we can learn as much as we can.

To make progress in our specific fields there are plenty of options available for every field. By taking online courses we can master any skill. Nowadays universities are providing online LMS systems to improve education systems and to improvise education systems in rural and remote areas.

These universities are providing distance learning programs to students who have no access to attend classes regularly.

Education in Science

The role of education in science is very important. Education plays a pivotal role in bringing change in society by introducing new technologies which can bring ease to society and make work easier. Electricity, computer systems, mobile phones, and the internet are some of the most common inventions that are frequently used in every home, but it takes a lot of effort to bring a new invention to the world.

In the present era, many new techniques are used by farmers to boost the yield of crops to meet the needs of the world.

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