Be Scent Savvy: Discover Ways to Identify the Best Perfume Oils

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Best Perfume Oils

The purity, strength, and depth of fragrances render perfume oils a dear treasure in the world of perfumery. The best perfume oils are pure and strong and are watered down with alcohol. The intimate experience of the fragrance lasts for a very long time and unfolds uniquely with your body chemistry.

However, the number of options available in the market is very large, which tends to blur the fact of which are actually the best oils. Whether you belong to the fragrance aficionado category or you are just a new kid on the block exploring this aromatic world, becoming scent-savvy about perfume oils increases your ability to choose the best.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Here’s how to distinguish the top-quality perfume oils:

Understand composition

Perfume oils are a blend of base oils and fragrance essences. The quality of both components is important.

Base Oils

High-quality fragrance oils typically have non-comedogenic carrier oils such as jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, and others, with a neutral aroma.

Fragrance Essence

It should have no added synthetic elements. Natural extracts from flowers, spices, woods, or fruits are all qualities of better perfume oil.

Make Sure It’s Clear


A key indicator of the quality of perfume oil is its purity. Pure and the best perfume oils do not contain fillers, alcohol, or water. Such being the case, they can hold the scent for a very long period and slightly release it from natural oils on your body during the day.

Packaging can tell you a lot about the product

Quality fragrance oils are light and heat-sensitive. Thus, reputable manufacturers will package them in dark glass to allow their line to have more shelf life and to preserve the integrity of the fragrance. Look for:

Dark or Opaque Bottles

These help protect the oil from light, which may cause the fragrance to break down over time.

Sealing Caps

Ensure that the cap is well fitted so that the fragrance is not exposed to air, which will also break it down.

Watch for the Consistency of the Oil

The consistency and texture of the perfume oil can say a lot regarding its quality:


The best fragrance oils feel quite smooth and can glide easily across your skin without being greasy.


They are generally in a slightly thicker consistency, which aids them in delivering their scents to last longer.

Do a Patch Test

This is the ultimate quality test—perfume oil tested on the skin:


Apply a very small amount on pulse points. Quality oils should last several hours if not the whole day.

Aroma Evolution

Notice how it develops on the skin. High-quality oils will carry subtly and pleasantly from the top note through the middle and to the base notes.

Study the Brand

Reputable brands will always state from where they source their oils, their manufacturing procedures, and the lists of constituents. A bit of research will most certainly allow one to locate brands that are quite upfront about their practices and thus avoid low-quality oils:

Brand Reputation

Look for brands with reviews and testimonials on the quality and longevity of their perfume oils.

Ingredient Transparency

Companies that demonstrate transparency about where they source the oils and the ingredients used in their production tend to be more believable.

Check for the price

This is not to say that very low prices should necessarily signal quality; they are just one sign of many. Very, very cheap perfume oils are a bad sign because extraction of natural scents is usually a very complex, often costly process.


Savvy with scent isn’t just about picking something that smells good; it’s in understanding the craftsmanship that goes into superior perfume oil. To be able to identify the best perfume oils is more of an investment: something long-lasting, sure to be a great product that you will work with over time for your personal scents.

Choose wisely, and let your perfume oil reflect your personal taste and commitment to quality.

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