How to get free Instagram likes – without Login Services App

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get free Instagram likes

Instagram is a numbers game. It depends on the number of followers, likes, shares, and other similar metrics.

However, getting followers takes work on Instagram. You can get a lot of followers if you have high-quality and attractive content. Again, the people who follow you and what they like depending on your profile. Some people may want to follow a personal profile, others want to follow their profile about a hobby or interest, and many only follow business profiles. But when starting Instagram, most people shared their pictures with family and friends. But now it’s changed; people want to get free likes and followers on their Instagram.

Don’t worry to get free Instagram likes. However, these articles discuss some tips on how you can get free likes on Instagram.

How to Get Followers and Likes on Instagram?

There are two methods of increasing followers and getting free Instagram likes

  • Organic
  • Inorganic

With the organic method, people will start following you after a while. However, in the organic method, your profile attracts people. However, there is one of the best ways to get more followers is to post good, relevant content at a time when people are likely to be online.

But many people want to get a lot of followers quickly, paying for these likes or getting them from websites. This method is known as an inorganic method. In other words, many business owners and content creators want to become famous on social media, but they need to know where they can get more organic likes quickly. They get free Instagram free likes through Instagram likes services.

Here we discuss some tips that will help you to get free Instagram likes.

Tips on how to get free Instagram likes?

Tag location

Always tag your location. Because posts with a tag location get 79% more views on your post than those without a tag location. However, people click on their location. They can get another post that is uploaded to that location. However, getting more customers means leading to more profit.

It helps even more if your brand has a physical location because you can build a sense of community with your regulars and potential regulars.

Add a caption with your picture

A picture explains everything and attracts people. Still, remember how important well-written captions are if you want to get free Instagram likes. Using the right tone and style, your caption can be just as interesting as your photos.

Adding the proper caption with funny or helpful data engages more audience on your post, and your profiles get free Instagram likes.

However, exciting captions lead to more views. Furthermore, a caption with your brand picture explains everything about your products. Your followers easily understand what you are selling.

Tag your followers and customer users

Tagging your friend list and others increases your post’s views. However, you can get more Instagram likes.

Users get a notification when you tag them. Furthermore, they visit their profile, and your newly tagged photo will appear on their profile. Tagging your posts can result in more likes, comments, and shares, giving you a more engaged audience and an increased response rate.

Use the hashtags

The hashtag is the best way to get more followers on your Instagram and likes. Hashtags are a big part of getting more people to follow you on Instagram. If you use a hashtag, your post will show up on the page for that hashtag.

Hashtags have become popular because they make it easier for users to find specific types of material when searching through content or clicking tags. It means hashtag is handy when you want o increase your audience, likes, and followers on your Instagram account.

Go to the Explore page

Behind that little magnifying glass icon is the Explore page, full of beautiful and fun content that Instagram has picked out just for you. When brands show up there, they get a lot of attention.

But how do brands get on the Instagram Explore page, to begin with? However, you just need a high audience rate and an active community. It also doesn’t hurt to use whatever new feature Instagram is pushing.

Hold a contest that people want to win

Contests can be easy or hard to plan for. But a “like-to-win” contest is one of the easiest ways to get many people interested in a short amount of time.

The key is to ensure that your audience wants your prize, but it is also specific enough that you are getting real fans and not just people looking for an easy win.

Add your latest post to your stories

To get more audience on your profile, Instagram Stories is a great way to get free Instagram likes and get people to see it. However, Instagram provides different features to add to your stories, like stickers, graphics, music, etc. This will make more people view your post when seeing your Instagram stories.

If you post a new post and don’t want your followers to miss it, you can repost it to your Story. By reposting a post from your feed as an Instagram Story, you can let your followers know about new uploads, which can help you get free Instagram likes.

Be Real

In 2023 people want real content. You must develop a trustful relationship with your users and brand to get more audience.

Even on Instagram, where everything looks perfect because it’s been edited, people should still share actual posts. Only because their audience knows that mistakes are bound to happen when real people are working behind the brand.

A good way for brands to stand out and get free Instagram likes is to post a look behind the scenes at what they do daily.

Give Likes to Gain Likes

However, it is a good way to increase the audience by liking, commenting, and following other accounts. But getting likes and followers just because they are free won’t help your Instagram account in the long run.

But you must do it manually or authentically. However, you never use inorganic ways. Furthermore, never write an essay or long statement in your comments. Just add your opinion or ask a question about the post. It is a great way to start and get free Instagram likes in return. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour daily to interact with people on Instagram. This will have a significant effect on your growth in the long run.

Why Should You Get Instagram Likes Manually? (Not purchase)

Many brands purchase likes and followers in a short time. It is very easy to increase your audience and get Instagram likes. You can easily buy followers through different ways, and even many online websites and apps offer this opportunity to increase Instagram followers and like.

If you can also get likes through this method, it’s the wrong way because it’s against Instagram rules. When Instagram takes a survey, it bans all fake profiles. However, any profile that works against its rule takes it suspended or even banned it.

But real brands will find out quickly how “real” your Instagram audience is and how you got free likes on your Instagram posts. You won’t get the kind of valuable engagement you need from these freeloading profiles. And if people don’t interact with you, you cannot increase your audience and likes on your Instagram account.


Creating an Instagram account and posting your first photo or video is very easy. But getting free Instagram likes can take a lot of work, especially when you are just starting. If you want your plans to get free Instagram likes to work, they must be well-thought-out and realistic.

Buying Instagram Likes might seem easy, cheap, and quick fix but it is not an authentic way to get more likes.  You need to pay attention to get free Instagram likes manually for long-term results.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram likes:

What are Instagram likes?

Instagram likes are a way for users to show appreciation for a particular post. When a user likes a post, it signals to the creator that they enjoyed the content and found it valuable.

Why are Instagram likes important?

Instagram likes are important because they serve as a way for users to gauge the popularity of their content. A post with a high number of likes is generally considered to be more popular and valuable than a post with few likes.

How do I get more Instagram likes?

There are several strategies you can use to get more Instagram likes. First, make sure that your content is high-quality and visually appealing. Use hashtags to make your posts more discoverable, and engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages. You can also consider using Instagram’s paid advertising features to promote your posts to a wider audience.

Can I buy Instagram likes?

While it’s possible to buy Instagram likes, it’s generally not recommended. Buying likes can damage your account’s reputation and credibility, and may even lead to your account being suspended or banned. It’s better to focus on creating high-quality content and building an engaged following organically.

Can I see who likes my posts on Instagram?

Yes, you can see who likes your posts on Instagram by tapping on the likes count beneath your post. From there, you’ll be able to see a list of all the users who have liked your post.

Do Instagram likes to affect my account’s visibility?

Instagram likes can indirectly affect your account’s visibility by signaling to Instagram’s algorithm that your content is popular and valuable. Posts with high numbers of likes are more likely to appear in users’ feeds and the Explore tab.

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