WhatsApp Business Alternative – Some Best Apps of 2023

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WhatsApp business alternative

WhatsApp business is a popular way to talk with global people. It has many features to voice calls, messages, video calls, and many business features. However, many people prefer other apps to communicate with people in their business because they think they are better than WhatsApp business.

In this article, we shall look at WhatsApp business alternatives and how they work.

Why do we use WhatsApp business alternative app?

WhatsApp business has many features, but it is not the best app for customer service, managing sales, or connecting with people. This is because when businesses have a high volume of leads or messages, WhatsApp becomes unsustainable because the platform was not designed for such activities.

That’s why we must find a WhatsApp business alternative to manage your business in an easy way, and the sales team can connect with different agents on WhatsApp and serve customers, share leads, or even assign chats.

Some WhatsApp business alternative


The line is used in Asia; almost 200 million people use this app in Asia. However, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan people also use this app. This app is an excellent communication app in the business field. The company made $2.36 billion in 2021, mostly from advertising.

There are different features of this app.

  • Similar to WhatsApp Business
  • Customer support channels with automatic replies, tags to organize chats, and support for third-party tools like chatbots
  • Relevance, location, and multiple format options for targeted advertisements
  • Coupons and sales ads that users of the platform can share

This is a free business app. It is an excellent option for any e-Commerce business that wants to grow in the Asian market.


WhatsApp business alternative Telegram is best than WhatsApp business because it has a better way of keeping your privacy and end-to-end encryption than WhatsApp business. All over the world, 700 million people use this application. However, it is mostly used in the Baltic, Eastern Europe, and Middle East areas.

In the telegram, users can hide their numbers, and people cannot see their numbers; they just see their usernames. Furthermore, Users can choose who can see their message and can also delete the message.

Telegram has these essential features

  • Make bots to help you manage customers and groups.
  • Make your stickers for your brand by designing and making them.
  • Code can be used to make bots that do specific things like answer frequently asked questions or send automatic responses to customers.
  • Brands can use Telegram stickers to make eye-catching images that can be shared with customers to get them more involved and build their image.
  • If you run a small business, you can use the Meta Business Suite to chat with customers and enjoy features like saving frequently used responses and making orders. Even though business accounts can’t join group chats, once customers are contacts, you can contact them anytime.
  • Large businesses can use an API linked to a messaging platform from a third party. They can’t reach out to customers first, but they can encourage them to do so with web chat, QR codes, and other tools. Once a business has made contact, it can send broadcasts at any time and see when they were read.
  • There is a 24-hour window for sending messages, but you can send messages outside of that window by using Message Tags.

Instagram Direct

Instagram is the most popular game used in the world. Most 1.5 billion people use this app. Instagram is not allowed to kid below 12 years old to use this app. Mostly 18- to 34-year-old people use this app. 68% of Instagram users talk to celebrities, tiktoker, etc.

Furthermore, It is also the best app for business. In some ways, it is like Whatsapp Business, but it has more options than WB.

WhatsApp business alternative Instagram direct has the following Feature

  • Here Users can send messages to more than one person at once and share stories, posts, and profiles.
  • Making ads that link to Instagram Direct and have a call-to-action button to send a message.
  • A business account can send and receive messages with Instagram Message Inbox, Meta Business Suite, and Instagram Direct Message API connected to a platform.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses can use Instagram Message Inbox or Meta Business Suite to send images, videos, auto-replies, and more.
  • Customers can get the first message from a business if the user’s account is public. In the Instagram inbox, you can also get read receipts.


Wechest is the fifth-best social media app, and mostly more than 1 billion people use this app. However, this app is mostly used in China. This app has multiple functions that make it the best choice for anyone who wants to reach the Chinese market. However, It has an Integrated payment and message feature. People in China use this WhatsApp business alternative app.

There are following features that you know why weChat is used in e-Commerce

  •      Set up a WeChat store

You can open a store with integrated WeChat payment options ready and available.

  •      QR codes that can be scanned

In China, scanning QR codes is a popular way to pay for things, and they can also be used to link to store pages, websites, promotions, or products.

  •      Content that can be found

You can make content that shows up in users’ feeds, or that can be found through WeChat search.

  •      WeChat Mini Programs

The WeChat allows foreign businesses to get a developer license to make apps that let them connect with WeChat users.

Wechat is like Facebook, and users can Share, Comment and like, and so on. Even like Fb, people can run their Brand campaigns.

WeChat is a must-have for eCommerce brands that want to expand into the Chinese market. It is much better than WhatsApp Business.


The Wire is based in Switzerland and was founded by a former Skype and Microsoft executive. This app has the best privacy and encryption in the messaging space.

It complies with GDPR in every way and is 100% open source. Furthermore, You can find its source code on GitHub.

This WhatsApp business alternative app has the following feature

  • With features like team management, group conference calls, integrations and add-ons, and unlimited users, Wire is a good choice for internal communication (paid option).
  • Wire has tools to help you manage your team and end-to-end encryption, so you don’t have to use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to run your business. Because it doesn’t have as many users as other messaging apps, it’s less likely to be targeted by malware.


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