How to Get Views on Instagram Posts and Stories – Instagram Tips

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Views on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform and allows your business brands to reach and connect with more people. With so many ways for people to see your content, you may be wondering. Here we will discuss details of How to get views on Instagram?

What is the algorithm for Instagram?

The Insta algorithm is a set of rules that tell you how to rank your content. This decides which content is shown and in which order, the user feed, explores the Page, reel feed and hashtag, etc.

Algorithm analysis of each post content. It looks at metadata, hashtags, and engagement metrics, such as the captions and alt text that are added to images. Based on this information, it distributes content in an easy way for its user.

In simple terms, the algorithm compares all posted content like videos, reel, and any information and show it to the right people. The main goal of it is to give each user the best possible experience on the platform.

How does the algorithm for Instagram work?

When the user opens the app, all contents show the User.  The 2023 Instagram algorithm has three most important ranking factors are

Relationship Between content author and viewer

The algorithm sees all your activity like who follows you and who sends a message and like posts. This is essential for businesses: Active community management on Insta, such as responding to direct messages and comments, can help a brand get more attention.


If you like any content algorithm shows you the same post related to your liked post.


It decides whether this content is useful for you or not. This includes a look at where it fits in with current trends and how timely it is.

What is the Instagram rule?

  • Do not use a third app to increase your likes or followers
  • Don’t use banned hashtags
  • Don’t act like a bot
  • Don’t spread false information
  • Don’t break rules about content
  • Know what content is not allowed on this application

What is the rule for Instagram posts?

Here are the most important rules and best ways to run a contest.

  • According to Insta promotion, don’t tag the wrong content
  • For your contest, you need a landing page that works and is made for mobile devices. This should go along with the ad and not take people somewhere else
  • List any brands that are involved in the contest or giveaway
  • Prize details with limitations, exclusions, or include
  • Get the winner’s permission before putting their information on your page
  • Write down when your contest starts and when it ends
  • Announce when the prizes will be given out
  • Contact people via private message
  • Instagram has nothing to do with your giveaway

How to get views on Instagram?

If you have a query about how to get views on Instagram then the step can solve it.

Optimized your account

An optimized profile helps you to get more followers and views. Your profile content is the first thing that users see, so it needs to be a good representation of your business and brand.

You can optimize your profile in this way

  • Add the business name as a username
  • Use an Instagram Business account
  • Add your logo to your profile picture
  • Add relevant links in your bios
  • Add keywords related to your brand in your bio

High-quality and easy content

Always create high-quality content, post, and videos in your profile to get more views. Insta is an app that is all about pictures. It has changed a lot over the years, but at its core, it is still a way to share photos.

People do not come back to your profile or page if you do not have good content.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you post high-quality, visually appealing photos that are on-brand.

Having a consistent look is really important if you want people to understand your brand and style as a whole. For Insta views, your followers will want you to be consistent, and new followers will want your content to be useful.

Tag the location

Using tag location is important in insta marketing strategy It is easier to find a local business that tags its location in every post. If someone types “Little, Italy San Diego” into the search bar and your brand are in that area, your posts will appear under this location.

One of the most underrated ways to get people to see your Insta posts is to use hashtags. People often use too many hashtags that are too general in their Insta posts, which is the wrong way to go.

Even though there are many different kinds of hashtags and ways to use them, you should always use them in a way that fits into a carefully thought-out hashtag strategy. Your goal is to help people who are looking for that hashtag and to help you reach more people.

Create Reel videos

Short videos become famous on all social media. As TikTok and snap chat apps developed other social media like Facebook and Instagram also update new features like short videos known as reels.

Videos get more views than other content posts.  If you have a question about How to get views on Instagram you can get more views through video reels. You must make daily at least 1 reel and post it on your accounts.

Post at the Right Time

Some people post whenever they want. You have to post your reels when everyone is online at the same time. Now, how will you know when to post, when people are online, and when they aren’t?

In the Followers section of Insta Insights, you can also see what times of day your followers use the app. Most of the time, the number of active followers doesn’t change much from day to day. However, if you keep an eye on this, you’ll know when to post your content live.

You’ll also get a better idea of when the best time is for your Insta account to post each day when you look at time zones. If most of your followers don’t live in the same time zone as you, this is important information to keep in mind.

Don’t watch your videos through your profile

Most people make the mistake of, you don’t have to watch your reels. After posting reels, they usually start to watch them to see how many likes they get, read the comments, or listen to music.

The algorithm thinks you are watching your videos just to increase your views and can take action. When you post any video, it does not get views instantly it takes time. But people delete their reels when they notice their reel has low views.

Some ideas for your next Instagram reel

  • Myths about your niche or field of expertise
  • Checklists
  • Before-and-afters
  • Bloopers
  • Insider tips for your niche or field
  • Making reels that teach and entertain your audience can help spread the word about your brand and get you more followers who will come back for your future content. Who knows, they might even tell a friend who is also interested in the same niche about your account.


How do you customize your posts?

  • Find out where your post reach
  • Find out the best post where you get more followers
  • Try out different post ideas to find new ways to make your content interesting
  • Change when you post based on what your followers do.

If you use a social media tool like SocialBee, you can customize your posts for each social media platform and change when you post on each one.

Should You Buy Views on Instagram?

Do not buy Instagram views. It’s against the rule if you buy fake views. When you have more views, more people see your content, check out your profile or website, and, if you run a business, buy your products.

These views you bought won’t lead to sales or help your brand. Also, if Insta policy finds suspicious activity on your account, they can block your profile. If you want more views and are thinking about buying fake followers, remember that this will damage your profile in the future.

How to make your ads for Instagram

You can increase your viewer by running ads. But here you need some money to get the view.

Check these steps If you have questions about How to get views on Instagram through ads. However, the ads process is more complicated and you need professional experience.

  • Open your Facebook ad manager
  • Select your ad goal
  • Select the Instagram campaign name
  • Choose your target area
  • Choose your audience target
  • Select your budget
  • Select ad format
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