Health Technology Companies and Health Tech Jobs

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Health Technology

Many Health technology companies create and develop technologies, software, and other digital tools to improve healthcare and make it more accessible, efficient, and effective for patients, healthcare providers, and other people involved in the healthcare industry.

Health tech companies

Here are some well-known companies in health tech:


This company offers direct-to-consumer genetic testing and analysis services, assisting people in understanding their genetic makeup and potential health risks.

Babylon Health

It is an AI-based digital health company. It lets patients use a smartphone app to get virtual consultations, health assessments, and symptom checks.

Omada Health

It is a company that uses technology and real-life coaches to offer digital health coaching and support programs to people with long-term conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Modernizing Medicine

This company makes electronic health record (EHR) systems for specialty medical practices like dermatology and ophthalmology. These systems improve clinical workflows and make it easier to manage patient data.

Proteus Digital Health

This makes digital medicines and wearable sensors. These tools track medication adherence, vital signs, and other health metrics, giving patients and healthcare providers real-time data and insights.


This makes wearable technology like fitness trackers and smartwatches that track users’ activity, sleep, heart rate, and other health metrics.

Teladoc Health

It is a virtual healthcare company that connects people with licensed doctors and mental health professionals via phone, video chat, and chat rooms.


It is a company that makes medical devices. It makes a wide range of innovative products, such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, and neurostimulators, all of which are meant to improve patients’ health and quality of life.

Livongo Health

It is a digital health company that offers tools and services for managing chronic diseases, such as a connected blood glucose meter for people with diabetes and a digital program to help people lose weight.

Health Catalyst

It is a company that helps healthcare organizations make decisions based on data and improve patient outcomes. It does this by doing data analytics and population health management.

Philips Healthcare

It is a company that makes a wide range of medical devices and software solutions, such as imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, and telehealth platforms.

Proteus Digital Health

It is a company that makes digital medicines and wearable sensors track how well people take their medications, their vital signs, and other health metrics. This gives patients and healthcare providers data and insights in real-time.

Top Health tech Companies Hiring Remote Workers, work from home

Here are some top health tech companies that have been known to hire remote workers:

Teladoc Health

As a leading provider of telehealth services, Teladoc Health has opportunities for remote work in various roles, such as telemedicine providers, engineers, product managers, and more.


A significant player in the wearable tech industry, Fitbit has several remote job openings in software development, marketing, and customer service.


It is a healthcare IT company that offers electronic health record (EHR) systems and other healthcare IT solutions. Project managers, software engineers, and client support specialists can work from home for Cerner. These help healthcare organizations improve patient care and streamline clinical workflows.

Philips Healthcare

This global company makes a wide range of medical devices and software solutions. Several jobs can be done from home, such as software engineers, data analysts, and sales representatives for medical devices.

Omada Health

Omada Health is a digital health company that manages chronic diseases. They have remote job openings in clinical operations, data analytics, and marketing.


This global pharmaceutical and diagnostics company has several jobs that can be done from home, such as medical writing, data analysis, and clinical operations.

Johnson & Johnson

As one of the biggest healthcare companies in the world, Johnson & Johnson has several jobs that can be done from home. These include research and development, marketing, and human resources.


As a leading provider of genetic sequencing and genomics solutions, Illumina has remote job opportunities in software development, product management, and sales.


It is a company that offers solutions for remote cardiac monitoring. There are jobs in customer service, data analysis, and sales that can be done from home.

American Well

As a leading provider of telehealth services, American Well has a wide range of jobs that are done from home, such as customer service, marketing, and software development.

Job opportunities in health technology

Health technology is a field that is growing quickly and has a lot of interesting job opportunities. Here are some of the health tech jobs:

Health Informatics Specialist

These people make sure that healthcare data and information is correct, safe, and available to the right people. They may work with health information exchanges (HIEs), electronic health records (EHRs), and other digital health systems.

Clinical Informatics Analysts

He works closely with clinicians to improve how health technology systems are used and how well they work in clinical settings. They might be in charge of analyzing clinical data, making and using clinical decision-support tools, and teaching doctors and nurses how to use digital health technologies.

Health IT Project Manager

These people make sure that health technology projects are built and put into action on time, on budget, and in line with regulations. They work on projects related to EHRs, telehealth, data analytics, and other health technology solutions.

Telehealth specialists

He manages and provides virtual healthcare services like telemedicine appointments and remote patient monitoring. They work for healthcare providers, insurance companies, or telehealth platforms.

Medical Device Engineers

He designs, creates, and tests medical devices and equipment to ensure they are safe, effective, and meet government standards. They work on prosthetics, imaging systems, or tools for diagnosing health problems.

Health Data Analysts

He looks at and makes sense of healthcare data to find trends, patterns, and insights that can help patients get better care and save money. They work with clinical data, claims data, or other types of healthcare data.

User Experience (UX) Designers

He makes sure that the user interface and user experience of health technology systems are easy to use and meet the needs of both medical professionals and patients.

Health IT Security Specialists

He makes sure that healthcare data and information is safe and private. They implement safeguards to protect against cyber threats and other security risks. They work for healthcare providers, tech companies, or government agencies that oversee the industry.

Digital Health Marketing Manager

These people are in charge of promoting and selling health technology products and services to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, as well as to patients. They make marketing campaigns, run social media channels, and make content to teach people about how digital health solutions can help them.

Health IT consultants

He helps healthcare organizations develop and implement health technology strategies that align with their business goals and legal requirements. They work on projects that involve optimizing EHRs, making them work together, or analyzing data.


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