How to Convert Videos of YouTube to Mp4 – A Complete Guide

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YouTube to mp4

Users can easily convert YouTube to mp4 (video) files and download them for free. This service can work on any device, like computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

However, saving podcasts, live audio streams, and movies are helpful. The main benefit of MP4 is that it can store media files like text, audio, video, and photos.

Converting YouTube to MP4 programs works the same way; the only difference is in the options they offer. To convert a video from YouTube, you must copy the link, choose the MP4 format, and let the software do the rest.

Some Best YouTube to MP4 converters?

  2. YTMp3
  3. iTubeGo
  4. Downloader for 4K
  5. Downloader Snap
  6. 2CONV 8. WinX HD
  7. VidJuice
  10. FLVTO

Feature to consider when choosing the best YouTube to Mp4 Converter online?

Quick and easy

This program’s downloader must allow you to convert and download videos quickly and easily.

Support all devices

It should work well on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, Android, and iPhone (YouTube to Mp4 iPhone).

Downloads unlimited videos

It must Support downloading and converting unlimited videos with the fastest transfer speed.

Be safe

Youtube to Mp4 download must be safe, and the quality and the content of downloaded files are the same as YouTube videos.

Can Mp4 Video format upload on YouTube?

This is a question that a lot of people ask online. According to YouTube’s official policy, people can upload videos in different formats, including MP4 files. But in some cases, people have some trouble uploading Mp4 format videos. The main reason is that MP4 is a container format for video that uses different codecs and profiles to encode the video.

YouTube suggests using the AVC/H.264 video codec for any.mp4 file extension and the AAC-LC audio codec with sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz. This also includes MP4 subtitle data. If the MP4 video has codecs that YouTube doesn’tdoesn’t support, the video will be rejected right away. However, you can change your Mp4 videos to YouTube support video format and upload them.

How to convert other videos format to YouTube videos format? Mp4 to YouTube

Although YouTube supports the Mp4 format. However, sometimes, people need help uploading these format videos.

YouTube works best with MP4, but you can also use other formats. Even though YouTube accepts all of these, most of them are containers or codecs that hold the video file.

Some Mp4 to YouTube Converter


MPEG-4 Part 14, also known as MP4, is one of the most widely used container formats for portable devices and streaming formats for the internet. Most people use it to store videos, but you can also store subtitles and still images.


Developed by Apple, MOV is a video format that can hold different kinds of videos and other multimedia files. It works best with Windows, Apple products, and video players like Quicktime.


Designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), this format mainly stores compressed video and audio files made for low-bandwidth encoding. MPEG4 should be your first choice to upload encoding settings to YouTube.


Microsoft made Audio Video Interleave (AVI) as a way to store multiple types of files. Most of the time, it is used to save files that can play digital audio and video at the same time.


A Windows Media Video (WMV) file is a set of Microsoft video codecs and video container formats that compress video. Most of the time, it is used to sell videos online or on portable media like DVDs.


Flash Video sends video over the internet from Adobe Player version 6 to the most recent version. It is used to store and send audio and video files that play at the same time.

3GPP, which stands for “3rd Generation Partnership Project,” is a multimedia file that 3G mobile phones use to store and share video and audio.


Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Resolution (DNxHR) is an unreversible UHD TV post-production codec. It can be used on devices and platforms with screen resolutions higher than 1080p.


ProRes is a high-quality video compression format made by Apple. It has a lossy format. It is mainly used in the post-production phase of commercials, features, and streaming videos with resolutions up to 8K.

How to Create SEO-friendly Videos on YouTube

Add SRT subtitle

A plain text file called a SubRip Subtitle (SRT) is used to add subtitles to your videos. It works with most social networks, especially YouTube. However, this method is helpful for someone like the deaf with a hearing problem who cannot hear sound.

Besides that, they help with YouTube SEO and get more people to watch your videos. If you have no substitute for your videos, you can use an SRT file to download and add them to your YouTube videos.

Add your title

Keywords are essential in ranking your Videos. The title of your video is vital for more than just telling people what it is about and getting them to watch it.

It also helps SEO. The title and thumbnail s the first thing that attracts people. It helps people to decide whether or not to click on your video.

Use the right tags

Tag is another way to rank your videos. These targeted tags are great for getting your videos to rank for keywords and for getting them to show up in the sidebar of suggested videos for related keywords. However, this allows more people to reach you and gives you a chance to rank for more than one keyword, which makes your videos more visible.

Write a good description

Video description holds immense value. The description shows Google, YouTube, and people what is in these videos. The better they analyzed, the more likely you are to rank well. Furthermore, A well-managed and well-written description video can appear in the sidebar of related or suggested videos. It engages more people in your video.

Create A attractive thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail creates the first impression of videos. You can get more people to watch your video by making thumbnails with high-contrast colors and a good balance of images and text.

How to upload your Videos on YouTube

To upload your videos on YouTube must have a proper format of your videos like MP4.

Then follow these steps

    • Open YouTube creator studio and sign in to your account.
    • At the profile icon, select create option and then upload the video
    • Then Press Select the file to upload and select your video from your device
    • Add a title, description, and thumbnail for a good look.
    • Change your settings so that the public can see the video

Through these processes, you can upload your video.


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