Why Solar Energy is so Important Nowadays

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Solar Energy is so Important

There is much sunlight hitting the earth. Which is a big resource to generate energy for the need of the entire planet. Solar energy is a way to produce clean and sustainable energy by using a way that is helpful to the environment and it has a wide range of environmental benefits.  The key benefits of Solar energy are reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and do not produce air pollution or greenhouse gases. Using this energy can have a positive effect on the entire environment. Today a wide range of households, Agriculture, and industries are choosing to install Solar panels which help to reduce their energy cost.  By using the energy that you have generated on your roof, you can save hundreds per year.

History of Solar Energy

The invention of solar energy 7th century B.C. When magnifying mirrors are used to produce fire. In the late 1700s and 1800s, Sunlight is used to convert energy after experimenting by researchers and different scientists which was successful. The main advancement of energy came with the invention of the solar panel. Which is made by photovoltaic technology to convert the Sun rays into electric energy.

This Energy is so Important it is not harmful to the environment. So the cleaning energy that solar panel produces quickly compensate for the energy required to manufacture them. There are many positive environmental effects like reduction in water usage, reduce carbon footprint, and reduced air pollution which can cause climatic changes.

Solar Panel Vs Coal Power Plants

Homes on the electric network are ordinarily fueled by coal-terminated power plants. At the point when you analyze the effects of Solar based energy, it’s not difficult to perceive how solar panels help the climate. Solar can diminish fossil fuel by-products, water utilization, and air contamination.

  • Life cycle carbon emissions are 95 % less than coal
  • Total water utilization is 99% less than coal
  • Total air contamination is 99% less than coal


Solar Panel Vs Coal Power Plants

After all, no carbon discharge is associated with the generation of energy from solar panels themselves, the shipment, installation, and repairing of the panels do result in carbon discharge. The Carbon footprint of solar panel production differs widely by sector of production, depending largely on the fuel that a sector relies on for energy. In a study, the carbon footprint of a solar panel manufactured in china, where coal is heavily relied upon for electric energy, was twice that of a panel produced in Europe.

As an environmentally aware consumer, you can make a good impact by requesting information about the solar panel production industries. In order, solar panel installers will be pressured to request this knowledge from their production and choose manufacturers with loyal environmental practices.

With client choice indicating a priority for environmentally friendly manufacturers, the production industry will grow up toward an ever-greener future.

 Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

It is useable energy that is attained from the sun’s rays and used in a variety of particular ways. Solar energy can be used directly to power a home or it can be stored for later needs.

As the Sun is one of the biggest sources of energy. We can produce a huge amount of energy by installing solar panels. Solar is an adorable continuous resource as the sun is one of the world’s most reliable and sufficient ways of clean energy.

This energy is so important because it has a lot of benefits for the society and economy. Which produce non-polluting resources that help to reduce the effect of climate change.

Minimize Air Pollution

The air is a symbol of life. When we use fossil fuels to manufacture electricity it exhalation many gasses like Carbon dioxide and methane which is harmful to the environment. This exhalation of dangerous gasses is directly linked to different diseases then it may cause different types of allergies, heart attacks, pneumonia, and asthma.

Minimize Water Pollution

Water is a priceless resource as only 3 % of the earth cover fresh water. Solar energy is an asset and a long-time water-saving solution.  The energy that can be generated by using Fossil fuels consume a large amount of water the coal-fired power plants utilized 15500 gallons of water for produced each megawatt per hour of electricity they produced.

In comparison to coal energy and hydroelectric energy which use a large scale of water at the other end.

Minimize the Non-Renewable resources

Solar energy minimizes the cost of resources utilized to produce electricity. The solar system doesn’t require any additional resources like water, coal, and fossil fuels for manufacturing electricity.

Energy is a renewable resource that provides clean energy for using minimum resources which is not affect the climate.  Sun is available anywhere on the earth and is the main source of Solar energy. Although some altitudes are better suited to harness energy. If we compare this energy with conventional energy sources, energy from the sum is infinite and will never run out.

So this energy reduces the cost of resources and reduces the demand for fossil fuels which polluted the environment.

Cheap Energy

The energy of solar is less expensive compared to others. It reduces the electricity bill cost by between 14 % to 54 %. Once a solar panel is installed it can easily work for 25 years. Repairing solar panels is much cheap as compared to others.

No extra charges paying for sources like (coal, or petroleum). It reduces the usage of fossil fuels which is better for the environment.


Solar Energy is so Important it is highly recommended for users. Because it has a lot of benefits that can directly affect the environment and are economically helpful.

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